Dyno2 software updates

Before using new software, make backup of /home/pi/.dyno2/ directory.

New software may require adjustments to the new features and settings. Plan the update when you have spare time.

Due to updates in setting files made on running new version of the software, older version may not run.
In this case, to be able to run older version again, restore /home/pi/.dyno2/ directory backup.


Current software

If you have software older than 6.x.x, these updates require a system image update.

Stable version

2024/02/05 21:57:14

Experimental version

2024/02/26 17:04:06

3.x.x - 5.x.x series software

Stable verison 5.x.x

This is a legacy version provided for users who want to get quick uptate of 3.x.x - 5.x.x software without need to flash a system for 6.x.x version.

2024/02/05 22:05:50

Remote control Windows and Android app

Dyno2Remote_0.3 Android
Dyno2Remote_0.6 Android

Dyno2Remote_0.4 Windows
Dyno2Remote_0.6 Windows

Dyno2 viewer for Windows


The viewer version allows to access runs database shared from controller via One Drive, Dropbox or similar file service.
To be able to easily access and modify the files and runs database from DC1 controller, the .dyno2 directory must be linked in two places:
Your home directory: For example C:\Users\yourusername\.dyno2
Same path as on the DC1 controller: C:\home\pi\.dyno2
If you have the .dyno2 directory shared in D:\onedrive\.dyno2\ you can link it to required places by running the following commands at the Windows Command Prompt as administrator:

mkdir C:\home
mkdir C:\home\pi
mklink /D C:\Users\yourusername\.dyno2 D:\onedrive\.dyno2
mklink /D C:\home\pi\.dyno2 D:\onedrive\.dyno2

To update the software on the controllers based on Raspberry Pi Computer, the dyno software file should be downloaded to desktop. Execution permission must be added to the software file, like shown on the example below.

Sometimes you may encounter a problem, that the software won't run simply after double click.

To solve it, open the file viewer and click "Edit -> Preferences". In the preferences dialog check "Don't ask options on launch executable file".

System images


Instructions to update / restore system image: